Meet Jarred

An involved resident and engaged public servant, Jarred has stepped into several leadership positions in his community. He is an elected Town Meeting member and serves on several local boards and commissions. In these roles, Jarred seeks to proactively tackle local issues with future generations in mind. He spent several years working in the State House as a Massachusetts Senate staffer, and not only understands the needs of the community, but also how to get things done and get results for his district.

Jarred is an open and accessible communicator who is not afraid to take a stand. His enthusiasm for a thriving district and a collaborative mindset will ensure that his office doors will always be open, he’ll take input from all parts of the community, and your needs will be turned into proactive steps to improve our neighborhoods.

Jarred Rose
Jarred Rose and his wife Lynne Rose

Jarred grew up on the South Coast. His parents Phil and Debbie put him and his siblings through public school while running their own small business. He went on to attend UMass Amherst, where he earned a degree in Political Science.

Upon graduating, Jarred went to work. After a stint in the private sector, he turned his efforts to improving the lives of his fellow Bay Staters, working as a Constituent Services Director and Policy Advisor for the Massachusetts Senate. He spent his days communicating with constituents, helping them navigate the complexities of state government, and working to enact legislation that matters to them.


Jarred met the love of his life, Lynne, in 2012. They married in 2015 and moved to Stoughton to start their lives together. He now works as a real estate agent at his family's small business.