Meet Jarred

Jarred grew up in a Massachusetts that led the way towards progress. In Education. In Public Transportation. In Health Care. We made sure we left a better state for our kids than we had for ourselves. Now, in the age of Donald Trump, we need to make sure Massachusetts continues its commitment to progressive values, and never accepts the status quo.


His entire life, when Jarred saw something that didn’t live up to the promise of Massachusetts, he went to work to fix it. Whether it was working on Beacon Hill, joining Town Meeting and his local Democratic committee, or volunteering for a cause he believes in, Jarred doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves.


Jarred is running for State Senate to ensure that future generations of Bay Staters have a place to call home that they can be proud of; one that invests in their futures, celebrates their diversity, and champions their equality.

Progress Matters


Great schools + great teachers = bright futures.


Affordable. Accessible. Equitable.


Make a greener

future a reality.


A system that

works for all.

Civil Rights

A Bay State where everyone belongs.

Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth District




east bridgewater






Check Out The District

west bridgewater

Fighting for Progress

It's time we had a State Senator who advocates, who stands up for us, who fights for progressive values and solutions. We can't accept the status quo. We can't accept more of the same. 

Jarred will always be fighting for progress. He'll listen to his constituents and work day and night to make their lives better.

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